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OK, this works.

Mi casa – Early Spring 2016. That is blackbrush blooming in the background..


Servicing the generator. I do that on a slow gate to save my supervisor the time.

Town?  What’s that?  I just checked; it has been 80 days since I have made a supply run.  I did make a trip to Natalia,TX on 12/26 to pick up Vela Von.   No store stop offs on that one. I am overdue for damn sure. Out of eggs for over two weeks now. Same same on store bread.  I am craving a ham ‘n’ cheese sammich or a pizza! Or Chinese

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Stocking up

Hooked to the DTB to go scavenging

I have been off grid at the Secret Hideout for 10 weeks.

My typical day along about now?   Well, let’s see….  Up between 0600-0700 and first order of business is to fire up Little Blue to make some coffee.  I have an Aeropress Coffee Maker that doesn’t require electricity but the water still has to be hot. No way I am firing up the stove inside the NO Princess Palace for anything these days.  Little Blue also tops up the house battery on the RV while I watch the news and run the

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