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Gate Guarding in South Texas - The Finer Points

My lonely neighborhood

Next month will mark the start of my seventh year as an oil field gate guard in the Texas oilfields.  From The Barnett Shale north of DFW to the Wolfcamp of West Texas to the puckerbrush of the Eagle Ford;  I guess I been there and done that.  Some people got the grit to be here and some don’t.  I have known more than one RVer who fell off down here and expected to be riding a biscuit train with gravy wheels. If you won’t come out of your RV because there is a buzztail under

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Blurred Days

Laundry Day

The days run together with little notice after you have been slogging it out for weeks on a gate.  Is it Monday?  Wednesday?  Is is it September??   I usually figure out Thursdays because that is when payroll hits my bank account.   Usually I remember Sundays because that is Laundry Day.   I am still using the Panda Portable Compact Washing Machine; this one for almost a year now after I killed its’ predecessor by drowning. The wet clothes get hung out on the Octopus Hanging Dryer and drip dry on the porch. Since I can only wash

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