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Beatin' the Heat - Part II

Andy’s note: I wrote this Fourth of July morning but just couldn’t get into a patriotic mindset. On this day when we are supposed to celebrate our freedom from tyranny I am just not there. Seems to me like we have lost more freedoms over the last 12 months than we have gained. Vicksburg, MS did not celebrate the 4th for 80 years and I sorta feel like a Vicksburgian today. The American Flag IS

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Terlingua Reprise - False Hopes

The Jim Beam burned just right on the way down. I appreciate consistency.

Nine Points in the distance

Tuco the Dog and I had stayed outside until dark. We were watching the rare sight of rain-fat clouds roiling up from the west. Far, far distant thunder rolled down from Agua Fria and Saddleback Mountain punctuated by flashes of lightning. There was no sound other than the far away thunder grumbles. No birds chirping,

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Terlingua Reprise - 10 Days in The Desert

Break of day over the Christmas Mountains

Being such a bombastic know-it-all, of course I knew I had a stay at The Refuge all lined out — no hay problemo! We have been boondocking for years, right? So what could possibly come up that would booger up our plans?

Not any one thing really. It is just the odd combination of resources and and availability here at The Refuge along with circumstances out

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Terlingua Reprise - Portable Potables

65 gallon nurse tank and transfer pump

Last August when we were down Terlingua way I picked up all the parts necessary to piece together a water transfer pump. I had really thought we would spend some time out boondocking on the Refuge property itself at that time. A transfer pump would have been a necessity to pump the water fetched from town into the onboard tank on the Old Girl. Turns out,

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