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No Bar Too Far

Double Cat Bone Zune Moment this morning…….

You Can’t Always Get What You Want  by the Rolling Stones from the Let It Bleed cd ca. 1969
For What Its’  Worth  by Buffalo Springfield from their debut cd somewhere around late ’67 or early 1968


Yep, that is Stephen Stills in the hat before he really was Stephen-Stills-as-we-know-him.  Even a shot of Neil Young later in the video before they even would let him sing a note.  If you can’t finish this opening line “There’s something happening here…”  you need to youtube it young ‘uns and see what it is I am talking about.

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The Fabric of Life - Post Paucity

Another Saturday morning in South Texas Brush Country.  Unremarked and quickly lost in the whirl of over 100 sunrises Tuco the Dog and I have watched from the same window looking at the same mesquite tree.   Sanity conservation and silly habits ensue during long and interminable oil field gate guard assignments like this one.  It is the week end, marking a change of wardrobe from Wranglers and long sleeves to shorts and t shirts.  The Company Man will be along directly and address me as Jimmy Buffet instead of Cowboy.  Even though the gate guard job varies little day to

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A Thousand Hungry Clocks*


Always a reminder to check the NASCAR Schedule

Ah, lets’ see , where was I?   I think I had promised last week that I would  finish up the Story of Miss K.   Best to get after it.

I trekked  over to New Braunfels as requested to meet face to face with Miss K.   I am a punctual fellow to a fault and I missed my designated arrival time by a good half hour; not my usual nature at all.   She had called to ask my whereabouts and I had mumbled something about getting a late start or traffic or

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The Fabric of Life - Back In the Day

My Grandfather and me ca. 1957

Nightly News caught my eye last night. They are reporting that only 8% of female Baby Boomers can afford to retire. This morning, news from the East revolves around what they are calling ‘the jitters’ about the situation in Greece. If Greece defaults, that will be the first domino in the sequence that will unravel the EU.

It ain’t looking good for the home team folks. Real life isn’t  the movies and there is no script can be written that will make this turn out right.

After I bailed on Corporate America along about 2001,

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