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The Merciless Sun; Ravages of Time

Fate, Destiny, Karma. Call it what you will but it is a quirky deal. Things happen for a reason you know. When I bought the Old Girl back in November of 2005, I had never been inside an RV– much less a Class A diesel pusher. So I bought the Fish Bus with the idea of taking some road trips and pulling the race car trailer back and forth. Those were back in the

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Time for a change?

The use of the Old Girl has changed since I purchased her. Fulltiming was not even thought about at that point. I bought the recreational vehicle for occasional weekend use and to pull my 28′ enclosed car trailer to various weekend events.

The Old Girl at Texas World Speedway in College Station. 2006

Early in 2007 the focus changed. I decided it was foolish to continue to live alone in a 2500

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Fear and Loathing in RV Land

This is one of my opinionated soapbox rants – SO –

Home Sweet Home for the next few months

if you don’t care for the opinions of a 50 something, conservative, out spoken Texan it may be best to move on to the next blog and read about the huge problem of cats that freak out in your RV if you go over 45mph or writing your congressman about making cutting through

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Readers write – Buying an Older RV

I have found what I think to be an awesome deal on a 1993 34′ Dolphin Diesel. I’m thinking about picking her up next month when I go home on R&R. Is the Dolphin a unit to start off with for a young family? Is it a comfortable unit? Is it easy to work on if you are mechanically inclined? Any quirks about your unit that you’d prefer not to have to deal with? How is the steering with the front axle set back the way it is? Please consider these questions when you have time.

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