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I Love Me Some o' That Peanut Butter.

Me and that Tuco Dog love a peanut butter sandwich ‘long about mid-morning. I’ll fix me up one and then spread a little on a single slice and fold it over for the perfect dog-wich. Sometimes we live dangerous and add a little honey or jam to the mix. It is just the thing to smooth out the caffeine twitch that develops about the time I finish off a whole pot of coffee. Just ’cause

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Too Little Too Late

The sky to the northeast is lighting up and I can hear the thunderstorm grumbling up there by the Red. I can smell the rain on the wind out of the north. We won’t see any of it here.

I wrote the other day about the wildfires and the drought down in the Hill Country and out in that West Texas. We are burnt up here too. No rain to speak of all summer and

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The Time It Never Rained

Man’s biggest enemy is one he cannot control.


Ft Davis fire with McDonald Observatory in foreground – April 2011


I loaded up the Kindle 3G with plenty of reading material when we headed out on the West Texas Ramble last month. One of the books was The Time It Never Rainedby Elmer Kelton. It is a pseudo-factual retelling of the several years drought that decimated Texas back in the early part

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