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It's the dust colored one tire dude.....

AKA Surviving the South Texas Pucker Brush

The Suburban was the dustiest vehicle on the premises

Some of our Winter Texans that are planning on an oil field gate guard job invest quite a bit of time researching their new jobs before they head off down to South Texas and I gotta give ’em credit. Miss Kathy calls it due diligence and thorough research is recommended because it is different down here. A

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The Dust is the Thing....

Laying down the dust buster

Early last week I knew we had a problem coming up at our oil field gate guard location. Dust is a real enemy on this job and we are not the only ones as evidenced by posts in other oilfield gate guard blogs. The dust has been bad enough with our normal traffic and I knew by talking to some of the company men that our traffic was

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