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Hi-Yo Silver!

‘A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver!’


A cloud of dust….. My last view of the Old Girl

Tried my damndest to get rid of the Old Girl on San Antone AND Laredo Craig’s List. No bueno. Didn’t get a single bite. I must have misjudged the interest in the desirability of that sweet little 6 cylinder diesel buried

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Lighten Up!


From eBay


The assault rock is back. These have been flying off the shelf since Cain first took the tactical advantage against Abel.

Get this low speed, high drag assault rock while you still can. This is next on Dianne Feinstein’s list.


Features: -enhanced grip texture -easily concealable -can be thrown as fast as you can swing your arm -low tech tactical

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Lonestar Beer is for Tourists - Part Two

The National Beer of Texas? — ummmmmm, no.

These days you can’t take much at face value or at least it seems that way. That nice lady with cancer in Nigeria that emailed you really doesn’t need your help getting that US $35 million out of the country. Lone Star is now owned by Pabst Brewing and they haven’t brewed it in San Antone since 2000. Get my drift? Smoke and mirrors. Talk

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Hanging out on Craigslist

I have been an active member on eBay since before it was called eBay. Back then it was called AuctionWeb and they changed the name in around 1996 so I have been an eBayer for quite awhile. I love selling (and buying) stuff on the internet. eBay used to be a place to find huge bargains; not so much lately. Savvy sellers usually know exactly what their product is worth and you have to

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