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More Generator Talk......

Generator Sales Surge After Recent Wave of Storms

Published September 29, 2011 | Associated Press

Urban Generator Mania

Alex Iwashyna didn’t realize how many of her neighbors in Richmond, Va., had backup generators until her own family bought one in the dark days after Hurricane Irene. As she endured the drone of a combustion engine in her backyard, she noticed the same steady noise from neighbors’ homes.”I mean we joke about preparing for

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Adios Terlingua!

Sunday Morning somewhere north of Terlingua, TX……

Gotta get rolling towards the north east here in a little bit. Miss K is sleeping in as we sorta kinda try to get back on the gate guard schedule of sleeping and working in 12 hour shifts.

There really isn’t much to do outside to get the Old Girl ready. I checked fluids and tires the other day and the tires will get a bump all

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Who's Gonna Stop the Rain?

Sometimes I think of our projects as a battle- a battle against

The "fixed" water crossing

the elements and a battle against the terrain. Having access to earth moving equipment gives me an advantage of “fixing” things to make life easier. The drive way into this location was a mess when I first pulled the Old Girl into the property. An improper culvert installation had caused the driveway to be cut by

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