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Some days you’re the bug…

Some days you’re the windshield…

I was finally on my way, just easing along, taking my time and being easy on the equipment. I had 3 good sized towns to negotiate with my 53 foot rig and I was being super, super cautious.

Several trips across Hwy 190 between Jasper and College Station have resulted in a practiced routine. I have my special pit stops. I stop at the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Store to buy cigarettes,

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The Temperatures Drop in SE Texas

Friday was a raw day outside. The high temp of the day was suppoosed to be 34 degrees and the wind was ripping out of the north at a steady 10-15mph. I took advantage of the frozen ground to get out and do some prep work for the upcoming cold temperatures before the sun turned it all to mud again. I had several things to get done on both the recreational vehicle (aka Old Girl

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Surviving the Arctic Blast

Among the reasons I was anxious to return to my recreational vehicle after the holiday break was the upcoming frigid weather. We are expecting temps in the low teens the next few nights here just north of Newton,TX.

A frosty January morning in East Texas

Back in the day, I drove an 18 wheeler for many years. Never was there a more naive country boy, let me tell ya! One of the things

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Running South – 1/5/2010

I left the job site north of Newton,TX on November 30th last year. It was a 285 mile trip home to the sticks and bricks in South Dallas. During our normal winter layoffs I usually check the job site to make sure the equipment and the RVs are OK. This location was just too danged far way for me to make a quick day trip and check things out. My brother did the task this

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