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Just Go Ahead and Procrastinate....

A month ago Miss K and I were taking hot showers with out even turning on the hot water heater.  Yesterday morning right before daylight it was 49 degrees.  It was cold!  I was cold.

Miss K earning the BIG BUCKS

If I wasn’t such a procrastinating SOB I wouldn’t be bitchin’ so bad right now.  But you know how humans are, we can justify anything if we think about it long enough.  The trip back from Terlingua wasn’t the easiest RV road trip we have ever made by a long shot.  Diesel spewing from a broken fuel line and

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Extend A Stay extends your options

Deluxe Extend A Stay with 2 hoses

The Deluxe Extend A Stay
propane hose kit from Marshall Brass should be a must have for any coach owner that parks in one location for an extended period. It provides you the ability to hook an external tank to your onboard tank. That means no more breaking down your camp when you run out of propane. The Deluxe Extend A Stay
comes with two hoses.  One hose is for the external tank hookup and the other hose allows you to hook up your grill or lantern to your onboard RV propane tank. 

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