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The Fabric of Life - Post Paucity

Another Saturday morning in South Texas Brush Country.  Unremarked and quickly lost in the whirl of over 100 sunrises Tuco the Dog and I have watched from the same window looking at the same mesquite tree.   Sanity conservation and silly habits ensue during long and interminable oil field gate guard assignments like this one.  It is the week end, marking a change of wardrobe from Wranglers and long sleeves to shorts and t shirts.  The Company Man will be along directly and address me as Jimmy Buffet instead of Cowboy.  Even though the gate guard job varies little day to

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Fabric of Life - Tell Me It Ain't So Joanie!

We all loved you back when Joanie!

It would have been about 1976 I guess.  I was doing time at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tn.  Eventually I think I did a stint at about every public university in the State.  No degree but I did drink alot of beer.

Ok, so back then, living in the dorms was archaic by today’s standards.  There were no coed dorms, no private rooms,  no private bathrooms, one phone per floor out in the hall and no TVs in the rooms or any cable TV.  WTBS out of Atlanta, the first satellite superstation

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The Fabric of Life -- The Measure of Men

One thing I have learned over the years of remote boondocking is that you do not pull your vehicle down for repairs or maintenance if you are out around BFE, Texas.  It just doesn’t pay off  to sideline your only transportation when you are miles from the closest hose clamp, bolt or special tool required to make the vehicle drivable again.

Young Henry learning the ropes…He's gonna be a good 'un

And so it was that I wanted to do some repairs and maintenance on the Suburban while I was in Baytown.  The oil lease roads had managed to beat

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The Fabric of Life: I didn't get a tie

or socks or a new cd or a Polo shirt or even a card for Father’s Day.  I got this……..


So far this morning, I’ve been busy getting the stuff together to make your BBQ chicken this afternoon, making sure Henry has enough snakes around to kill, and looking for Camaro parts on Year One.

I love the fact that because of you- this seems like a completely normal weekend to me.

Cait and Henry in the BEVO car

Living apart from you for so long always seemed so strange to me, but even at Lajes and when I first got to

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