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Our Top 10 products in use EVERY day while boondocking or gate guarding.

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More Self Sufficient

You ever question if there is a method to my madness? A long term plan in place perhaps?  Sure there is!  But if I told you I would have to kill you … and all that stuff.

Stock set up -one deep cycle RV/Marine battery

I am under no illusion that the NO Princess Palace is anything special as far as recreational vehicles go.  I would take the Old Girl back in a New York minute were that possible.  Once I got acclimated to this Pucker Brush lifestyle and understood how the cow eat the cabbage down here in South

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Fresh Air

An OEM RV vent fan nastied up with some puckerbrush dirt and dead bees.

I have been here at this location north of Fowlerton, Texas for 196 days straight. My last trip to town for supplies was 38 days ago.  I have one package of bacon left. Something must give soon. Bacon withdrawal is ugly and I would not wish it on any man.

A Puckerbrush Barometer –  I am 30 yds from a much traveled oil patch highway.  Thankfully, there is an automatic gate which is only opened with the correct keypad combo between me and the sneakers and

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