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Mildly Interesting Crap

Dirt bath for a roadrunner

What do you do if it doesn’t rain and you need a  bath? If you are our Resident Roadrunner and Official Gate Guard Mascot it is no problemo!  Just find a spot of soft,  fluffy dirt  and go to town.

. . . . . .

FoxNews is reporting that an obese woman’s body fat caused an Austrian crematorium to burn down.  Wonder if the insurance covered that?

. . . . . .

Remember my post  about taking control of your gate?  We are building some road/new pads here and had about 100 loads of rock delivered

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Readers Write – Completing the Mission


Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.  – Marcus Aurelius


TSGT Ron and the Flag

One of the most well received ever posts on the blog was the recent Readers Write – A Decade of War.  The entry tells the story of TSGT Ron and his commitment as a member of the United States Air Force to complete his mission.

I have been studying lately on how a young person in the service of the US Military can draw from way down deep and exhibit such selfless courage.  I have self-doubt that

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