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The Brisket Beg

Around August 1st we will have been down in this South Texas Brush Country for 4 months on the same gate for the entire time. I gotta say the people and the country start to grow on ya after awhile. I certainly ain’t no bad place to be.

One item oft repeated is how nice everyone associated with the different crews are. To my way of thinking, each specialty crew has a different personality. The

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Tin Can in the Sun

Andy’s Note: What follows must be a fictionalized account. No experienced gate guard would ever find themselves in such squalid circumstance or experience bizarro incidents as depicted in this essay. Any resemblance to real people or real world events is probably accidental and unintentional.

Tin Can in the Brush

As the first rays of the sun hit the Tin Can, it started to heat up. The worn out Dometic roof top A/C unit

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HOOTENANNY – Hootenanny is an Appalachian colloquialism that was used in early twentieth century America to refer to things whose names were forgotten or unknown. In this usage it was synonymous with thingamajig or whatchamacallit, as in “hand me that hootenanny.” Hootenanny was also an old country word for “party”. “Hootenanny” was also used by the leadership of early firefighting battalions to describe a “meeting of the minds” of higher ups or various department heads.

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