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Funny Money

Miss K and I were having a spirited discussion last night and she challenged me for some reason or another; hell, I can’t even remember how it came up. I bet she can because she is just plain scary when it comes to stuff like that. I get by with very little when it comes to the he said/she said thing.

Any way, she said ‘You don’t have any money in your wallet. You never

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Of Mice and Monkeys

My buddy Scott aka The Fat Guy apparently shares a fear of snakes with many of my gate guard friends. Take it for granted when that warm weather roles around and the snakes come out of their winter hidey holes, the gate guard blogs are gonna be full of snake sightings and snake pics.

Scott one-upped most all others by coming up with some snakeology that was new to me –flying snakes.

I gotta

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A Handful of Come Unwound

Been a week since I posted and I have all sorts of excuses — just ask me. 🙂

The Old Girl somewhere on the West Texas odyssey…

Truth of the matter is after being off work for almost 6 weeks, physical labor is kicking my butt. I am getting too old to work this hard. The plastic liner has been installed and we are busy covering the lake liner with 18 inches

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