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Practical History

Looking for the next truck. Gate Guarding, LaSalle County, Texas February 2014

I am not a scholarly fella. Just sayin’. Sure, I know a little about a lot of things but you won’t catch me pondering abstract thoughts the livelong day. Give me something that is broke that I can put hands on and I’ll lay odds I can figure it out sooner or later.

It is just plain consternating to me to

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You Can Pick Your Nose........

…………But You Can’t Pick Your Family.

A recent conversation with John Doe “Tittlemouse” Jones — my other brother.

Tittlemouse at rest

Tittlemouse called up the other day and wanted to discuss the affairs of the world. Now T-mouse is light on the schooling but he is not ignorant.

‘This whole Obama thing has gotten outta control Bro. Me and The Squeeze (ed. note-his wife) are

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Occam's Razor

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


Just been mighty weary the last few days with new restrictions that must be followed under threat of dismissal. The Message Forums that were just toddling toward a first anniversary were really starting to develop some old school character. A spirit of true benevolent volunteerism, a pervading attitude of step up and pay it forward whenever possible and overall unselfish nature were pleasing

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Freedom Is Not Free

I know I confused some of y’all this morning. If you have an RSS feed you got a post that differs from this one. Well, I changed my mind due to some late breaking info. You will get that same-same post again in a few days.

In the meantime, this post needs to made TODAY. Some of you will be heading out camping or boating or firing up the grill or drinkin’ some cold beers

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