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More Beans?

K.I.S.S. == Our little corner of the World. It gives me comfort

Gate Guard Life: The 20′ flame on the flare stack just down the road is standing straight up this morning. No wind; I hate that.  The  caliche dust from the traffic on the road hangs like a low fog with no currents of wind to disburse it.  It sticks in my throat and films the top of my coffee.  I can feel the grit on my skin.  The scenery seldom changes where I sit.



I wish I could figure out just what in the hell is going on

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Pooh Corner

“Oh, bother!” said Pooh, as he chambered his last round

Not exactly the Christmas spirit with it being exactly 2 weeks from today.

Oh Well!  If  there is a thousand yard stare associated with oil field gate guards,  Miss Kathy and I are definitely suffering.   Too long without a single day off and every day we feel like there is just a little less gas in the tank.   We know this hole is finally winding down and we just wonder if they are going to keep us around for the frac which is scheduled for right after Christmas.

Sounds like we are in

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Food on the Shelf

Near Balmorrhea, TX — February 2012

Remember the Bad UPS Lady that was strowing my packages across LaSalle County, Texas a few weeks back?  Well, one of those packages was some  Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food from  I emailed Nitro-Pak and told them my goods had not been delivered to my location as their records indicated and I did not know where the package was.  Immediately and without any excuses or third degree inquisition, they said a replacement package would be on its’ way.  BAM!  Just like that!  I emailed that nice lady back and told her to hold

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Mildly Interesting Crap

Dirt bath for a roadrunner

What do you do if it doesn’t rain and you need a  bath? If you are our Resident Roadrunner and Official Gate Guard Mascot it is no problemo!  Just find a spot of soft,  fluffy dirt  and go to town.

. . . . . .

FoxNews is reporting that an obese woman’s body fat caused an Austrian crematorium to burn down.  Wonder if the insurance covered that?

. . . . . .

Remember my post  about taking control of your gate?  We are building some road/new pads here and had about 100 loads of rock delivered

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