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Getting Ahead of the Game

Living full time in a recreational vehicle is not all sitting in the shade and drinking a mojito.  If you are boondocking and living in an RV, up the ante even a little more.   if you are living full time in an RV, boondocking and working out of your recreational vehicle  like this oil field gate guard gig that we do then it gets to be dicey business to be sure.  The problem gate guards face is the requirement to be on site 24/7.  If you have a major systems malfunction on your motor home or travel trailer,  you have

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Boondocking Water

Oil field gate guard nurse trailer

Ever since we started this industrial boondocking thing years back, I have been responsible for the fresh water supply. Whether we got it from a ranch well,  filled up the 300 gallon tote at the corner beer store or used the little 65 gallon tank that fits so well in the back of the Suburban, it was always my responsibility to make sure it was potable.  Sure, I dumped too much bleach in the tank at times.  Then we would endure astringent showers for a few days and choke down coffee that

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Tobacco Road -- Life in the Boondocks

Sometimes I think my boondocking locations must look like those trashy houses you see with a couch on the front porch and off in the side yard, an old Dodge Diplomat with no wheels sitting on chunks of wood.

Then I think in a more logical fashion. We are not here to preserve a pristine area as unspoiled. Our job is to rip and tear and gouge and transform the landscape into something noticeably different. My boondocking RV sites are utilitarian, spartan and all about business.

Water delivery- functional; not pretty.

I was noticing that today as I

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Conserving Water while Boondocking in your RV

Water conservation tips and tricks to utilize when boondocking on a long term basis in your recreational

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