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Hot and Bothered

There are a few little things that I really look forward to. One of them is relaxing while I enjoy an uninterrupted meal. All of you oil field gate guards will know what I am talking about. The gate slows down, you finally get to go inside the RV for a few minutes, you just set down to eat that sandwich and then DING! DING! Enough to make you crazy!

Light tower, generator,

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It is what it is

Home Sweet Home– Montague County,TX

Being an oilfield gate guard, you have certain givens that are not going to change.

You will not be able to stray far from that sign that says STOP. There will be dust. It will be noisy. Every day is different, one day bleeds into the next. What day is it anyway?

It is hard to establish any sort of routine. Miss K and I struggled with the

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Routine RV Maintenance

Since the weather has been decent and we have been unable

Quality Filters are an absolute requirement

to work, the break has provided an opportunity to perform maintenance work on all the equipment. Minor repairs and upgrades, fluid and filter changes have been the order of the day around here for the last week. With all the work completed on the heavy equipment, the Old Girl’s number came up. The engine is

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