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Readers Write - Old Tyme Fulltiming

Andy’s note: Ken made some interesting comments on the post about Texas Oil Camps and this post is a continuation. Please re-visit the original post; the comments alone are much better than my article.


By Ken H.

I hate to be the one to break the news, but full timing is not that new or novel. I began full-timing in about 1944. My dad was a driller, and as such was exempt from the

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Recreational Vehicles and the Necessity of the Camco Gen-turi

The recreational vehicle forums are all reporting this morning that 5 adults in a travel trailer lost their lives this weekend in Clarksville, TN. They apparently died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to generator in or near the travel trailer. Authorities report the carbon monoxide fumes entered the RV through a small storage hatch that did not close properly. It is unclear at this time whether the generator that caused the deaths belonged to the

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A New Winter Home for the Old Girl

I love it when one of your life’s destinies is revealed to you. You know the drill, you are just clicking along sorta wondering why your life is headed in this peculiar direction and then all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, it is made crystal clear.

I have often wondered how I ended up living in the Old Girl fulltime.

Big Bend Vista from the Sotol Overlook

I have

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Surviving the Arctic Blast

Among the reasons I was anxious to return to my recreational vehicle after the holiday break was the upcoming frigid weather. We are expecting temps in the low teens the next few nights here just north of Newton,TX.

A frosty January morning in East Texas

Back in the day, I drove an 18 wheeler for many years. Never was there a more naive country boy, let me tell ya! One of the things

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