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Don't Be Afraid of Change

Sitting here in the gone away night of a Saturday, I can’t help but think of past days in my life where I was just starting a new job. I did a quick tally and it looks like I have tried around 7 different careers. Some of the branches intertwined at times and not all of them were as successful as the one left behind or the new one, but they have all been interesting.

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An Explosive Situation

a gust of wind brought a strong gas odor to us – I mean really strong. I immediately went over to check the bottle and found out it was almost empty!!! after only 8 days. Something was definitely wrong here and I shut the propane bottle off immediately. The next day I got out my spray bottle filled with soapy water and started looking for leaks. As soon as I cracked the valve open on the external bottle, I could smell gas. In the past, I had some minor leaks around the fittings where the Extend A Stay is plumbed into the lines and I was confident that was going to be the case this time. I figured it would be a quick easy fix.

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