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Gate Guarding in South Texas - The Finer Points

My lonely neighborhood

Next month will mark the start of my seventh year as an oil field gate guard in the Texas oilfields. From The Barnett Shale north of DFW to the Wolfcamp of West Texas to the puckerbrush of the Eagle Ford; I guess I been there and done that. Some people got the grit to be here and some don’t. I have known more than one RVer who fell off down

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A thousand miles done

An vacant gate guard slot is occupied.

A thousand miles and almost 30 days gone by and I am back in the puckerbrush of South Texas picking up exactly where me and this little blackface dog left off. It is nice getting back to a known routine and a regular paycheck.

You might recall me and Vela Von left under a cloud of uncertainty; not knowing if we would be back or not.

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Arrested Development

Headscratcher for sure ………

Last night during our last foray outside before bed, I saw something down the lease road at the very farthest limit of my floodlights. This time o’ night I don’t just fall out the door like I am taking out the trash at my house on the corner of Fairyland Drive. Don’t work like that down here………….. First off, Vela Von scoots out and if she doesn’t go into her all

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OK, this works.

Mi casa – Early Spring 2016. That is blackbrush blooming in the background..


Servicing the generator. I do that on a slow gate to save my supervisor the time.

Town? What’s that? I just checked; it has been 80 days since I have made a supply run. I did make a trip to Natalia,TX on 12/26 to pick up Vela Von. No store stop offs on that one. I am

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