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Pucker Brush Bliss

Dog romp in progress

Me and the black face dog are just about back to a normal schedule after 2 weeks of helter skelter with a workover rig and a flowback crew hangin’ out here. Makes me realize why most gates have a couple in residence.

I was glad to see ’em go – no time for morning and evening dog romps, no time to cook up somethin’ decent, no time to get

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Adios Squinty!

Squinty–Miss K’s pet

We moved again this past Friday–maybe a mile or so to the second gate on this 3500 acre ranch. That is what we have been doing for the past 11 months. They were getting ready to build a new pad at our former location so the Bosses sent another gate guard couple in to set there for 2 weeks. We moved to the longer assignment where they are going to

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Gimme a minute to find it.........

A visit from the Ranch Owner

Every day life these days seems to consist of bitty pieces of paper with notes scrawled on them that were apparently important at some point this week. Yeah, it has come down to that in order for me to remember crap that needs remembering. Sunday seems to be the day to clear through the mess and start the week fresh so let’s see what we got here——-

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Gritty Guarding

Knock! Knock! Water delivery.

It smells rough inside the Old Girl this morning. Dog farts and burnt coffee are not a tantalizing aroma mixture. Tuco the Dog loves Alpo meaty dog food but it invariably gives her gas and she finished off some Mexican food leftovers last night. That gas busting outta her dog butt this morning woulda pushed that Chinese rocket right into orbit last week for sure. I had the stovetop

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