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Hero to Zero

Digging in the guts of the machine

Another day and the scenery remains the same. A South Texas Brush Country summer; Weatherbug is saying 109, Miss K says 111 on the Suburban thermometer driving to town, my meter outside the Old Girl in the shade says 117 and I say it is damned hot.

So I am pretty smug sitting here in the Old Girl with 3 air conditioner units humming away. The

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All Star List

An oldie picture from back in the day when we could have alcohol and firearms onboard the Old Girl — and the Belmont is today so it seems fittin'. I wrote many a post sippin' on some Blanton's

I was out and about early this AM doin’ RVing type stuff while it was cool. It is not hardly 8am yet down here in the South Texas Brush Country and the temp is already

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Recreational Vehicles and the Necessity of the Camco Gen-turi

The recreational vehicle forums are all reporting this morning that 5 adults in a travel trailer lost their lives this weekend in Clarksville, TN. They apparently died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to generator in or near the travel trailer. Authorities report the carbon monoxide fumes entered the RV through a small storage hatch that did not close properly. It is unclear at this time whether the generator that caused the deaths belonged to the

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OCD Behavior in the Boondocks

Wednesday morning I woke up in my RV and the gray light was just starting to seep in the windows. An insistent beeping had awakened me… the Norcold refrigerator yet again! WTF? Deja Vu. This sucked! Shaking off the sleep, I looked at the Trimetric and it showed 11.2 volts. How could that be??? I had gone to bed the previous night with adequate ( I thought) amps banked in the batteries. Obviously not!

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