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Terlingua Reprise - The Heart of the Desert

Miss K woke me up in the pre-dawn hours getting out of bed. ‘Where are you going?’ ‘To put on some more clothes. It is COLD!’ She was right, no argument there at all. During the night the Old Girl had cooled to an uncomfortable level. Nothing for it but for me to get up and get some heat going. I had not expected it to get so cool overnight but then the Midland weatherman routinely got the forecast down here wrong. His prediction of lows in the 40’s had missed the mark and then some. Low humidity, a cloudless

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A Tired Subject - Generators Again

I am so tired of messin’ with generators I didn’t even want to write about it – yet again!

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do that.   Generators are boondocking lifeblood out here in the oil fields.  Even though the Company maintains our 12kw Perkins diesel at a high level, all mechanical things will eventually fail.  This one has let me down on more than one occasion and it will do so again. Remember, when you are talking about basic survival, two is one, one is none.  I have to have a reliable back up generator.

Almost there- The Generac NP66

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Where Did the Week Go?

I look back at the past 7 days and just have to shake my head.  Where did the time go??  It is an absolute fact that the older you get, the faster the time slips away.  Looking on the past week, I am disappointed in the amount of things I accomplished.  Oh, I know I spent 84 hours ‘on duty’ on the gate guarding gig but to tell you the truth there ain’t that much shaking here.  20-30 various production vehicles out during the course of the day.  ‘Production’ meaning the various and sundry guys like the pumpers that come

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Grab Bag

For some reason I can’t remember, I decided all of my blog posts should be 500 words or longer — and y’all put up with it.  What’s up with that? Because of that self imposed threshold,  some items end up on the scratch pad because even I can’t stretch ’em to 500 words. So I cheat  — here are some short items all rolled into one post.  Most likely none of the items are even remotely related to each other.

It is Friday, the last day of September. If you are a cubicle dweller that means you probably have a two

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