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Hero to Zero

Digging in the guts of the machine

Another day and the scenery remains the same.   A South Texas Brush Country summer;  Weatherbug is saying 109,  Miss K says 111 on the Suburban thermometer driving to town,  my meter outside the Old Girl in the shade says 117 and I say it is damned hot.

So I am pretty smug sitting here in the Old Girl with 3 air conditioner units humming away.  The thermometer over the range hood says 79 degrees.  Pretty danged smug… everything serviced and preventive maintenance done to insure we will have no surprises.   Then the front

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Is the Camco Gen-Turi Generator Exhaust Venting System Necessary?

The Gen-Turi generator exhaust extension has got to be in the Top 5 of RV internet forum subjects– right up there with running your refrigerator on propane while you are driving, how much can I tow and parking overnight at Wal-mart.

Now you know I am a big fan of the Gen-Turi, I praised it in a previous blog entry here. So here is how the debate got started on one of the popular internet forums I frequent:

Gen-Turi exhaust extension on the Old Girl
Gen-Turi exhaust extension on the Old Girl

“We have a 2007 Class C with an Onan Microlite generator. We often overnight in parking lots while on the road. Usually we travel in cooler weather when A/C is not required overnight. We are leaving soon on a trip where A/C will be necessary while sleeping and I am nervous about running the generator while asleep. We have working CO detectors.
Interested to know how many are OK with running generator while sleeping and how many think it is too

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The Praises of a Gen-Turi Exhaust System for your RV

There are a few subjects on the RV internet forums that immediately polarize the readers into separate camps. Overnighting at Wal-mart, how much can I tow and the Gen-Turi.

A Gen-Turi is a nifty little add on to your built in generator’s exhaust system. It just takes the exhaust fumes

The venturi on the Gen-Turi

from the bottom of your motor home where they tend to spread along the ground and puts the fumes out over the top of your coach. It is an ingenious design.  It gets its’ name form the venturi effect it generates to waft the

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