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Taking a Step Back

I have been thinking for sometime now all this tweeting, twittering socialized media was just not for me.   Seems like it is coming to a head this week…

My personal communication device

Cell service is sparse out here on the south side of the Permian Basin.  Luckily, our Wilson amp is hauling the mail and the rig hands have figured that out.  We usually have someone parked across the drive in what Miss Kathy calls the cell phone parking area taking advantage of our boosted signal.  Last evening one of the boys was parked over there and looked like he

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Spring Storms, Latvians and More Snakes

Miss K asks 'Tell me why we live in Tornado Alley again?'. This look is the classic stink eye-directed at me of course

If it’s Spring and you are anywhere in Texas besides the High Desert, spring storms are a fact of life.  Miss K doesn’t like that-not one bit. I used to assuage her fears by pointing out the 40 ton bull dozer outside the door that would provide a safe haven if a tornado visited the neighborhood. Not that we ever got to the point of crawling underneath a dozer with a dog, a

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Blog$ 'N' Buck$ is one year old this week. This internet gig has certainly come a long way in the last 15 years… or thinking back 25 years to the days of usenet and BBS’; nobody could have predicted the influence and importance of the internet.

Back in the napalm blast dot com boom, I made some silly money on the internet and NASDAQ. I was old enough to realize the ride was too intense to last very long and as it got crazier and crazier, I prepared for the train wreck.

raconteur: (noun) One who tells stories and

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