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The Big Hails

Big Hail Aftermath 3/31/2013

One year ago , Easter Sunday 3/31/2013,  hail as big as grapefruit descended on our little South Texas enclave. In the space of just a few minutes, the hail and 80mph winds managed to destroy the Old Girl and do over $6k damage to the Big Ass Suburban.

With the help of our online family and the fact not a day of work was missed,  the Old Girl was replaced by the Princess Palace in the early part of May.  The Big Ass Suburban glass was replaced but it still wears the sheet metal war

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Crazy Andy's House of Bargains

The Old Girl – Abandoned

Extensive damage to the roof of the RV. Holes punched are obvious. The white marks are ‘bruises’. The hail did not penetrate the roof membrane but the plywood sheathing below is crushed.












You know,  it hasn’t been an easy 90 days.   Miss K and I had that personal upheaval followed by the Big Hail event and then we had to find a new place to live.

We weathered the naysayers and public slander and came out on the other side little the worse for wear.  I was picking up the final items out of

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Nature Overpowers

Moore,OK tornado May 2013

I was 13 or 14 when I saw a tornado first hand, We were hauling hay on a hot June day in the Mississippi River bottoms just outside of Finley, TN.  We had just brought a load of square bales into the barn to stack it when we saw a tornado bearing down on us. About all we could do was sit and watch as it picked up cotton trailers and tossed them around.  I watched it pick up a round metal grain bin full of wheat just like you would take a toboggan off

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Battleground-- I need your help folks.

Easter Sunday 2013 was nothing out of the ordinary in South Texas.  A typical Spring weather pattern was in place and I had been mildly attentive to it all day. Just before 7pm, things started to get busy.  It was the normal course of affairs. The air had been heating all day to fuel the storms and they were finally coming forward with a vengeance.   The weather radio had been squawking about a potent thunderstorm cell moving toward Pearsall for at least the last hour and I was beginning to think it might present an honest threat to our little

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