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Another Hole Done

Weed washing in the snow- not a job I want.

Most likely as you are reading this, Miss K and I are packing up the Old Girl and the DTBs. The assignment here east of Iraan,TX is drawing to a close after 45 days. We fully expect to return to this immediate area because much of what is going on is exploratory and experimental in nature. If they get the results they are

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Its' a Wrap Folks

Iraan and Alley Oop

Another week down here east of Iraan, TX — the former home of Alley Oop comic creator V.T. Hamlin. Being as how I don’t post about how much caliche dust I choked down today or how many times I let Tuco the Dog out because she had a missile in the tube, we best be moving on. Pay attention because we are moving pretty fast friends and neighbors.


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Wrapping Up a Week....

Odds and ends to tidy up a week….

Fine dining- Iraan,TX

10 days in out here in Pecos County, TX and we are settling in to what does look to be a ‘good’ assignment for an oil field gate guard. ‘Good’ being relative, of course. Something happens when you travel west of I-35. The land opens up, the towns grow fewer. Distances are trebled and quadrupled for the simplest of errands. I am

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