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Life Rears Up

I have been remiss with new postings to the blog and new chapters to the story. The want-to has been mighty hard to come by of late.

Cool enough this morning that a light frost laid in on metal surfaces and the windshield of the Suburban in that cold hour before dawn. Cool enough with a breeze out of the north that about 4pm I looked down and was mildly surprised to see I was

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My Dancecard is Full - Thanks for Asking

12 weeks we have been sitting here. 12 weeks just west of Gainesville, TX doing the oil field gate guard thing. 12 weeks of me and Tuco the Dog trying to find enough things to do in order to fill interminable hours of do-nothing. Now, suddenly, there do not seem to be enough hours in the day.

We have asked for 10 days off starting next week. Our replacements will be here late on Sunday

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