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Suck It Up Buttercup

This may be my favorite time of year here in the South Texas pucker brush. Comfortable day time temps and cool nights are a welcome change. Not enough deciduous trees down here to mark the passing of the seasons. Maybe it is my favorite time of year because we survived the furnace blast hell of a South Texas summer and we know it. Mornings like this it would be sublime to wake up next to

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A Rope Too Short

I love my brother, I really do. I think it most fortunate that after most of a life spent apart we get to spend the better part of each day together in an unconventional setting. With all that said, he is wound a little tight. Now, he suffers a fool no less than I but he just gets so upset at times. Actually, upset is a bit mild. He gets ranting, stomping, throw your

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Thanks for the Memories….

BEFORE- Acres of impenetrable brush and miles of pine trees

One of the things about getting older is the time just seems to fly by! It does not seem like I have been here north of Newton, Tx for 51 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, it has been a good run here. Nice people, a great job near completion and a profitable endeavor. Can’t really ask more than that now can you? The

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Wigglin’ in the woods

95% of our clients are not true ranchers or land managers. They have generally made their fortunes elsewhere and the rural land they buy is for the enjoyment of them and their families.

So try this scenario — you just purchased 800 acres of pine and hardwood forest 2 hours from where you live. You purchased it pretty much blind…. there was an aerial photo 10 years old and you were able to drive

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