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Along that Amazon Way

“Anything mechanical breaks eventually.”

Pan seared ribeyes from HEB along with a loaded baked potato – Now THAT is good eating!

I was lounging around late Friday night in my cotton flannel camo jammies and enjoying the total absence of late evening traffic on the gate when things went absolutely haywire. Power out, crap blinking and beeping, the generator sounding all funky. When Tuco the Dog runs under the

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Knife Whore

I was all set this morning to continue my studying up on how to make ground squirrel / packrat snares from the frayed threads on the bottom cuff of my Wranglers. Hey! It may be the nigh PockyLips but a fella still has to eat, right? And I plan on eating most every day. Thank goodness I can relax now since some English fellas figured out how to make gasoline from thin air. I always

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