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Readers Write - Winter Heating Tips for your Recreational Vehicle

Well, it is October and that means the Subject D’Jour is Winter Heating Options for your recreation vehicle. I have talked about this subject in past posts.

Surviving the Arctic Blast


Winter Heating for your Recreational Vehicle

Reader Carl wrote us:

Hello, my name is Carl and I recently found your website on living full time out of your RV. I am still rather new at this having gotten laid off in march of 2009. I lost my home and my car when I got laid off. In order to try and make a positive out of a very bad situation,

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Unexpected Consequences of the Frigid Temps

I woke up at 4am Saturday morning.  It was 56 degrees inside the RV; 12 degrees outside with a 16mph wind out of the north .  I had gone to bed with the Mr Heater Little Buddy turned off,  the Suburban furnace was set at 50 degrees.  Both electric heaters were running.  A trip to the bathroom  — and NO water.  Crap!  So I tried to shake off the fog of sleep and figure out what was going on.  The Old Girl is facing east.  The drivers side was north and getting the full brunt of the north wind.  I

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Surviving the Arctic Blast

Among the reasons I was anxious to return to my recreational vehicle after the holiday break was the upcoming frigid weather.  We are expecting temps  in the low teens the next few nights here just north of Newton,TX.

A frosty January morning in East Texas

Back in the day, I drove an 18 wheeler for many years.  Never was there a more naive country boy, let me tell ya!  One of the things I learned was the difference in the weather up North.  Being from the Southern United States, winter weather was something I had never dealt with previously.   Somewhere

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Running South – 1/5/2010

I left the job site north of Newton,TX  on November 30th last year.  It was a 285 mile trip home to the sticks and bricks in South Dallas.  During our normal winter layoffs I usually check the job site to make sure the equipment and the RVs are OK.   This location was just too danged far way for me to make a quick day trip and check things out.  My brother did the  task this go round in the Cessna 182.  Sure did make it  easier!

Eventually it was time to head south and return to the boondocking lifestyle.

Watching the

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