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I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

I am going about 3 different directions at once with this blog so make sure you are coffee’d up and paying attention.

I have a ZUNE music player from Microsoft that I got back in 2009 and it used to be the cat’s ass. You know I have never been one to jump on the latest and greatest bandwagon because it makes my brain hurt. Give me comfortable and familiar every time. What was not

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Hey Zune and Microsoft - You *almost* got it right....

I was piddling on Friday. The boys from Navasota Valley Electric had just about every inch of the driveway filled up with service trucks as they tied me to the grid so there wasn’t a whole lot I could do. My daughter emailed me from Italy and said she had finally made up her mind to change from an iPod to a Zune music player. Well Glory Be!

Zune on the left

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