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Gypsying Our Way South

I guess I had the Terlingua Time syndrome when they came and picked up our support trailer Thursday afternoon. I had no urge to pack up and high tail it out of our familiar patch of caliche on the ranch west of Muenster that had been our home for 9 months and 2 weeks. What was a little boondocking going to hurt? We had promised our manager at least a week to find another spot

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A Tired Subject - Generators Again

I am so tired of messin’ with generators I didn’t even want to write about it – yet again!

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do that. Generators are boondocking lifeblood out here in the oil fields. Even though the Company maintains our 12kw Perkins diesel at a high level, all mechanical things will eventually fail. This one has let me down on more than one occasion and it will do so again. Remember, when you

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Saddling Up

Where does the time go? 7 days a week X 12 hours per day = 84 hours. I should have plenty of time to get all the piddling things on my to-do list accomplished. It really doesn’t work out that way though. The first 5 hours of my shift which begins at 3am are in total darkness. Starting about 7am and running for the next 2 hours, the gate is pretty danged busy so I

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More Generator Talk......

Generator Sales Surge After Recent Wave of Storms

Published September 29, 2011 | Associated Press

Urban Generator Mania

Alex Iwashyna didn’t realize how many of her neighbors in Richmond, Va., had backup generators until her own family bought one in the dark days after Hurricane Irene. As she endured the drone of a combustion engine in her backyard, she noticed the same steady noise from neighbors’ homes.”I mean we joke about preparing for

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