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Katrina 2005 Revisited

Note from Andy: I do not normally re-produce entire articles but this is an exception. It is reprinted with full permission. It is not entirely PC and some may find it mildly offensive. Remembering back 6 years ago when the flood waters drowned New Orleans, I don’t remember much of that event that was ‘pretty’ – it is what it is. I found it to be a riveting read — and that is why I

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Sunday Quickie

Late afternoon in Terlingua

About time I updated the Who is This Guy page since it has not been changed since ’round about Day One of this blog. Sure have been a shit ton of changes in this country and my life since February of 2009.

Miss Kathy has contributed here but I never think she felt completely at ease doing so. I would not expect a 100% Type A person like her

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Idle Hands and Terminal Boredom

This time of year is absolute hell for me. I am not a work fanatic by any means but I do like to stay busy. If it is not real work work going on, I like to piddle around the Old Girl. When the weather gets raw, the work dries up and the outside activities are minimal. The 200 or so square feet of inside space get smaller by the day. This is nothing new

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