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A Thousand Days

My fave picture of Miss K. Captures the essence of an interesting and capable woman. -Terlingua 2010

A thousand days — give or take  is the time Miss K and I spent together.  Roughly one fifth of my remaining years most likely; seldom apart for more than a day or two at a time excepting that runaway last spring.  Good times with her and that silly dog I must say. 4X down for me now so does that make me a serial husband?   Three of the four abandoned me which, I reckon, would implicate me as the provocateur to them

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Fabric of Life - The Good Dog Lost

My runnin’ buddy – Tuco the Dog

Label me jaded and you would be mostly right. Growing up as a veterinarian’s kid, animals were utility items.  Same as a John Deere tractor or a Stihl chainsaw.  You maintained them and cared for them as a matter of course because of the utility they afforded at some point.   You certainly did not befriend and name an animal whose tasty bits might be sizzling in a skillet next month.  That would be just plain silly.

Call me maudlin’ or name me as an overly sentimental old man but I have come to appreciate

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A Thousand Hungry Clocks*


Always a reminder to check the NASCAR Schedule

Ah, lets’ see , where was I?   I think I had promised last week that I would  finish up the Story of Miss K.   Best to get after it.

I trekked  over to New Braunfels as requested to meet face to face with Miss K.   I am a punctual fellow to a fault and I missed my designated arrival time by a good half hour; not my usual nature at all.   She had called to ask my whereabouts and I had mumbled something about getting a late start or traffic or some

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Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride.*

A hundred times over I had done this exact same thing.  Every time it was different yet the template was the same.  I am talking about buying or selling a gun with a total stranger you met via the internet.  A man has to make a living and when the paychecks stop every winter for a month or two , you gotta get that hustle on and accumulate a few pesos one way or another… adding to our collection, selling off a few older guns, I always managed to make a buck or two and end up with some nice(er)

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