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You Can Pick Your Nose........

…………But You Can’t Pick Your Family.

A recent conversation with John Doe “Tittlemouse” Jones — my other brother.

Tittlemouse at rest

Tittlemouse called up the other day and wanted to discuss the affairs of the world. Now T-mouse is light on the schooling but he is not ignorant.

‘This whole Obama thing has gotten outta control Bro. Me and The Squeeze (ed. note-his wife) are

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The Amazon Equation

Mainly because I can………

I have had an Amazon affiliate account for a dozen years. When you are counted among the vast army of internet-will-be-bazillionaires who are affiliates it works about like this. Somewhere on the blog there is a url that takes you to Amazon. Inside that url is a secret code word that identifies me and sets me apart from the vast affiliate army. When you buy that shower stall accessory

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