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Dispatches from the Secret Hideout

Big Ass Suburban and Princess Palace on the launch pad

If you haven’t had a day off in 6 months, what do you do when you finally get some relief? Most folks do the 9-5 Monday till Friday and look forward to an occasional extra day off when there is a holiday. It don’t work that way in the Oil Patch. We have been on 24/7 since the Trek East back around Thanksgiving;

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A Lifetime of Stoopid

Self portrait: Puckerbrush Curmudgeon at 58

You ever been able to look back and pinpoint exactly where your life took a turn onto a different road? Uh huh, me too. Once upon a time, schools in America actually taught subjects you had to master before they allowed you to pass on to the next grade or graduate. Novel concept that has been sidestepped and deemed unnecessary in 21st Century Estados Unidos. My downfall

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Terlingua Reprise - Portable Potables

65 gallon nurse tank and transfer pump

Last August when we were down Terlingua way I picked up all the parts necessary to piece together a water transfer pump. I had really thought we would spend some time out boondocking on the Refuge property itself at that time. A transfer pump would have been a necessity to pump the water fetched from town into the onboard tank on the Old Girl. Turns out,

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Saddling Up

Where does the time go? 7 days a week X 12 hours per day = 84 hours. I should have plenty of time to get all the piddling things on my to-do list accomplished. It really doesn’t work out that way though. The first 5 hours of my shift which begins at 3am are in total darkness. Starting about 7am and running for the next 2 hours, the gate is pretty danged busy so I

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