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$80 Oil, Ebola and iPads

Irraan,TX – January. 2012

Many things in this ol’ world have next to nothing to do with me so I try to concentrate on the things where (A) I can make a direct difference or (B) I am directly affected good or bad. We were in the Barnett Shale Late Winter 2011 / Early 2012 when things started to go south. Maybe somebody was looking out for us and maybe it was just

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Dog Eat Dog

I have been mulling this whole Hurricane Sandy thing over in my mind for the past month. I posted about it on the blog and the post was one of the lower rated ones I have written. It elicited many reader comments to the fact that those big city folks were doing everything they could do given their situation.

As Miss Kathy and I watched Sandy swirling up the Eastern Seaboard headed directly for a

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Cat Crap in the Sandbox

Got a little note in the mail along with our paycheck last week. It was a non disclosure agreement which prohibits communicating anything about the job of being an oil field gate guard verbally, in writing, in chat rooms, on the internet, via email or any other social media. 3 pages it was but in a nutshell that’s what it amounts to.

Miss Kathy and I dated it, signed it and returned it yesterday.


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Nothing New Under the Sun

Oil patch interstate

If you are like me you can’t help but feel a certain amount of gratification when you are gate guarding out in the middle of nowhere and you actually sorta like it. We do tornadoes, rattlesnakes and choking caliche dust all in stride so why not puff your chest out just a tad and bask in the uniqueness of what it is to be an oilfield gate guard. I hate

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