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The Brisket Beg

Around August 1st we will have been down in this South Texas Brush Country for 4 months on the same gate for the entire time. I gotta say the people and the country start to grow on ya after awhile. I certainly ain’t no bad place to be.

One item oft repeated is how nice everyone associated with the different crews are. To my way of thinking, each specialty crew has a different personality. The

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Riding Herd on the Bad Boys

I wish! This sign was spotted just outside of Alpine, TX

Now, to some of you, this is gonna make sense and to others it is going to be like trying to understand Chinese arithmetic. Most of a gate guard’s day is spent avoiding getting addlepated from the sun and swallowing a gallon of caliche dust. All that changes if they are building new roads or drilling pads at your location. Construction is

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Uber-Urban Oilfield Gate Guarding

Raise your hand if you think mud sucks

Never been a fan of that Big City thing that so many folks got going on. Not that there is a danged thing wrong with it; just not my dealio. Oh, I did it for decades; commuting through traffic snarls, wearing shiny shoes and the like but it was like dying from a thousand cuts. So you are going to ask, right? Just how in

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