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Surviving the Puckerbrush

There was a period of time not so long ago when this oilfield gate guard business was about dead because that is what the oilpatch does. There have always been radical up and down cycles all the way back to Spindle Top.  It looks like the cycle is heading up now and I am getting emails about every week from noobs wanting to gate guard.  One note a few weeks back suggested I write an info post on just that subject.

McMullen County, TX ca. 2017

There is an extreme shortage of oil field gate guards  as I write this. 

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Everything on the Internet is True

In between gate assignments last week I was googling all over the internet just to see what I could see.  As security guards, you can work wherever you want to once you get that license paper in your hand.  So I was looking…. and I came across this page way down somewhere in the Google search results.

Whoa!  I sorta resemble that guy in the big hat, huh?  Well, I guess I should since it is a picture off the blog right here.  Now that they have my full attention I poke around some more on this web site and guess

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