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If It Walks Like A Duck, It's a Real Train Wreck

Yeah, I know. Bad business to mix metaphors. Just confuses the situation and highlights my ignorance. Maybe it is a comment on world affairs; and maybe I am not that bright to begin with.

They killed Osama Bin Laden. Ten years it took ’em to get the job done. George W said we would, standing on that pile of rubble at Ground Zero with that fireman guy. Betcha he never dreamed it would take a

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Gain the Whole World – At What Cost?

I have had occasion this past week to discuss money, kids and politics with several people whose counsel I value. Regular readers will know I am not shy about voicing my opinions.

From back last July, I inflicted this advice on the readership at large…

So I taught the boy baby and the girl baby what I know. I watched them grow up; day by day and year by year. Each year that passed

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