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Nothing New Under the Sun

It is so very tempting to talk about the news of the last seven days starting with Charlottesville but I will not. The train to Crazytown has left the station and either you got on board or you didn’t. Those of us that refused to get on board can read the handwriting on the wall, easily, without the “help” of social media or the main stream news. Plan accordingly.

“I am not afraid of dying.

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The Sun of a Fall Day

Tuco the Dog takin’ in some fresh air

Best time of the year to be off down this way — from right about now until the first of the year. Little to no AC is required until mid afternoon if then. Low traffic numbers and real gravel mean little dust and I am able to leave the door open with a fan running. Nice and simple. A good life.

There is a right

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Bug Helmet

Bug helmet in action



I have espoused the wearing of Big Hats since Day One as they are a needful Pucker Brush accessory. Closing out my fifth decade as I am, the price is being paid for horrific sunburns from long back in the day. There was never a drop of suntan lotion or sun screen applied back then because you know as well as I do; we were unequivocally invincible.

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Gettin' By

Primary water filter – Purenex 5 micron spun poly disposable

Man oh man, I do go on about that potable water don’t I? With good reason I reckon. Just take a good close look at that water filter pic. I know we are pretty much in the minority as gate guards when it comes to water use and consumption. We shower in it, we cook with it, we drink it. Yechhh! No F’n

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