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Apocalypse Agua II










Just dawned on me that we have been in the Princess Palace almost 30 days now. Where does the time go?!? Time enough I guess to form some opinions about the new trailer vs. The Old Girl. Let me get another cup of coffee and I will tell ya about it. BTW, I just got a new coffee cup to replace the old stoneware one

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Setting Up Camp

Moving from one gate guard location to another is a matter of course down here in the South Texas Eagle Ford play. Sometimes it is every few days and sometimes it may be months. We had been at the same location north of Los Angeles, TX since Labor Day and it had been a good run. We got the word to move a few days ago and thankfully it was only a mile away and

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Apocalypse Agua

I was still puzzling over the potable water situation for the Old Girl. Ultimately, I would like to be able to dip some water up out of a cow track, run it through my filters and feed it to a miner’s canary bird with no ill effect. So I figured what the hell and fired off an email to the good folks at RVwaterfilterstore.com. Seeing as how all a y’all have been clicking the links

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Skanky Water

I posted this over on the MyOldRV Forum back on 4/12/2012


Let me set the stage here….

With one exception which was our first month of gate guarding way back when, we have always drank and cooked with water we had on hand. Before gate guarding we were on remote construction sites and used one of those 300 gal translucent totes in a wire cage. Over the years, I got pretty good at ‘managing’

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