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I killed a hunnert spiders

On that Amazon thing……..

MyOldRV has been an Amazon affiliate since Day 1 as far as I can be remembering.  When y’all click through to Amazon off this blog right here and buy something, ol’ Jeff Bezos gives me a couple percent of the sale.  Jeff is a smart fella and I am sure he is making more than the just about 10 cent I make when you buy something.  On the other hand, I bet I sleep more peaceful-like at night ’cause I ain’t got that weight on my shoulders that he bears.  I’ll take it my way hand’s down.


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And so it goes.........

Moon rise over the Puckerbrush

Doesn’t take long for Tuco the Dog and me to settle into a routine.  After the whirlwind departure from the main gate, we find this other gate suits our mettle much better.  I didn’t mind packing up my HEB bag sack with a few sandwiches, some smokes and some bottled water and reporting for a 12 hr shift at the guard shack.  I didn’t mind it but I didn’t care much for it either.   It smacked just a little too much of a daily grind to suit me.  Not even close to getting in my

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Solar Arrays, Pukin' Oil, Boiled Batteries and Memphis BBQ

We were sittin’ out in the shank of the evening doing the happy hour thing and wishin’ the heat of the day would just get on out of here.  A cold beer does help mightily to dispense the heat and the YETI Tundra Cooler was doing its’ exceptional job of keeping the beer stock at a temp just above Arctic ice water.  The Yeti doesn’t move from its’ corner of the wood deck these days and it is automatic when anybody goes to town to stop by David’s and get a big bag of the ‘good ice’.   My Sis-in-law was

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