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Surviving the Puckerbrush

There was a period of time not so long ago when this oilfield gate guard business was about dead because that is what the oilpatch does. There have always been radical up and down cycles all the way back to Spindle Top. It looks like the cycle is heading up now and I am getting emails about every week from noobs wanting to gate guard. One note a few weeks back suggested I write an

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Along that Amazon Way

“Anything mechanical breaks eventually.”

Pan seared ribeyes from HEB along with a loaded baked potato – Now THAT is good eating!

I was lounging around late Friday night in my cotton flannel camo jammies and enjoying the total absence of late evening traffic on the gate when things went absolutely haywire. Power out, crap blinking and beeping, the generator sounding all funky. When Tuco the Dog runs under the

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State of Affairs

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, if the sticker on an item said it was Made In Japan that meant it was junk. Most likely. Now adays, if it says Made in China; same same. Most likely. The problem present day is we don’t make anything in America any more. If other countries didn’t pick up the slack and make what we need we would do without. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Late Winter Shorts

Me and Tuco the Dog ON DUTY

This past Wednesday was the first official Shorts Day for South Texas. Think the temp got to about 90 or so. It is not unusual to see 50 degree swings in temperature from night to day this time of year. I got my Carhartt vest and long pants on this morning with temps in the 40s. We are expecting 70s by late afternoon. If you are

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