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Terlingua Reprise - Portable Potables

65 gallon nurse tank and transfer pump

Last August when we were down Terlingua way I picked up all the parts necessary to piece together a water transfer pump.  I had really thought we would spend some time out boondocking on the Refuge property itself at that time.  A transfer pump would have been a necessity to pump the water fetched from town into the onboard tank on the Old Girl. Turns out, the weather was waaaay too hot that August to survive without the air conditioners running full time.  Fuel costs to run the generator on the Old

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Terlingua Reprise - 110 Days

Andy’s Note:  As of 4/3/2012, Miss K and I are back working a gate in the Brush Country of South Texas.  The Terlingua Reprise series of posts that will follow the next week or so recount our time off in South Brewster County.

Weed Wash at dawn

110 days is too long a stretch to go without a day off.  For those uninitiated in the ways of oil field gate guards, I am talking about 110 days straight — 7 days a week.  Cubicle dwellers think in terms of 5 and 2.  When they say I haven’t had a day

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Gypsying Our Way South

I guess I had the Terlingua Time syndrome when they came and picked up our support trailer Thursday afternoon.  I had no urge to pack up and high tail it out of our familiar patch of caliche on the ranch west of Muenster that had been our home for 9 months and 2 weeks.  What was a little boondocking going to hurt?  We had promised our manager at least a week to find another spot for us before we moved south and sitting here was as good as any.  Besides, I had stuff I wanted to do.

There was an EOG

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Grab Bag

For some reason I can’t remember, I decided all of my blog posts should be 500 words or longer — and y’all put up with it.  What’s up with that? Because of that self imposed threshold,  some items end up on the scratch pad because even I can’t stretch ’em to 500 words. So I cheat  — here are some short items all rolled into one post.  Most likely none of the items are even remotely related to each other.

It is Friday, the last day of September. If you are a cubicle dweller that means you probably have a two

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