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Bite the Bullet

The Generac NP-66 propane generator ready for the wrench

Took me some time to catch a truck load of big boys that weren’t rushing in to the lease like their hair was on fire to move the generator. Three of them it took to set that hunk of steel on the work stand. I am figuring it was time well spent; that building a work stand and moving it to an easier location. My old knees and back throw up a protest when I am down in the gravels scratchin’ it out.  They say when you get older, you

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Kiss It And Make It Better; Not This Time

Generac NP-66LPG generator up in the snout of the Old Girl

You will recall I wrassled my Generac propane generator on the rv all the way back up out of South Texas when we returned from that West Texas Ramble road trip to Terlingua.   I am still fighting it.   Somewhere along the way, it locked up tight and would not turn over.  I tried jumping it across the starter solenoid and proved out the solenoid was good.  So either the solenoid was hung up or the flywheel was jammed up in some fashion and would not turn.  Just a

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Going Nowhere - San Angelo, TX

Trying to get going

Using the better part of judgement, I decided to not attempt a cobbled up fix on the Old Girl Sunday night. Better to wait until Monday AM when it was daylight, the parts stores were open and the engine was cold. With Miss K’s help, I was able to figure out the fuel return line from the pump back to the tank had split. The small split was doing a good job of spewing diesel fuel over a fairly wide area.  It was in a relatively accessible location and the fix oughta

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Adios North Texas

Loaded to the gills and ready for West Texas

Today is the day. We are getting out of North Texas and heading for Terlingua, TX –621 miles away. One of the things I like about Texas is the Farm to Market road system they started back in the early 70’s. You can turn down just about any FM road in Texas and be confident it is a decent road. Our entire route will be on FM roads and state highways with the exception of 12 miles on the 10 down by Ft Stockton.

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